What is The Coaching Culture in Education?

The Coaching Culture in Education is a Continuing Professional Development introduction course of evidence-based coaching into educational environments. These courses incorporate relevant theory and an international framework that provides tools and principles of coaching as an approach to build a culture that facilitates conversations and develops skills to perform, teach and learn more effectively. 

As educators, we know the importance of learning, and the different ways we learn can provide opportunities to self reflect, understand where we are and how to move forward in our continues development process. Yes, we believe that the same way organisations invest in Continuing Professional Development, educational organisations should and must have development plans that keep to date with the different strategies, researches and practices other schools and universities around the world see as relevant and practical. â€‹Continuing Professional Development has proven to be a vital component of organisations, and in learning environments, it should be essential, if not mandatory; for anyone responsible for a learning process.

Learning to implement a coaching approach in educational organisations will ensure that individuals can bring back to their workplace what they have learned and cascade it to others within the organisation. This way, YOU create a culture that promotes growth in every role.